Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Good Morning, Nostalgia [April 2010]

Photos of my trip to Boracay last April. To say that this would be the best, most eventful summer trip of my life (so far) would be an understatement. It was both spring-break-Cancun and zen-mode at the same time, and I met so many interesting people on this trip (Hello, Marb, Kyle, Francis, Kams, Chinx, Anjo, Hans, etc)! The Philippines is so breathtaking. I should go out and see the rest of it real soon.
taken right after arriving on the beautiful island paradise that is Boracay

what a beautiful view

just a regular lazy summer afternoon in paradise

Gelo, me, and Michiko

Michiko and Gelo walking past the sandcastles in Station 3

imagine seeing this everyday

Marlo and the sunset
Looking forward to going there again this summer!