Thursday, 4 August 2011

Quick commercial break: Mega Fashion Crew!

Promoting this show because of my love for my friends (who are part of this show) and for photography. The show sounds interesting: with a total of 60 hopefuls, MEGA Fashion Crew Gen M Season 2 aims to find the next top photographer, fashion stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and female model. During each episode five members will be grouped as a fashion crew, and they will have to execute a fashion shoot. At the end of each show, fashion crews will be judged by top personalities in each discipline. Sounds pretty exciting, right? MEGA Fashion Crew Gen M Season 2 airs every Saturday nights at 7:00pm, starting July 30, 2011 on ETC, with replays every Sunday at 10am.

Can't wait to finally catch this on TV.  Missed the first episode due to my busy work schedule.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Andrea Bocobo

Some monochrome teasers of the latest shoot I've been working on. Andrea has such fine features, perfect for the camera.

Andrea Bocobo

Andrea Bocobo

Andrea Bocobo

cool tones

Alvin Alfonso

Bea Mantecon

Sandra Seifert

Hye Won Jang

Hye Won Jang

Nikki Magbag

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sophie's Mom and Bloggers United

Me and my photographer/stylist friends! I love them all!! (photo from Nikki Ruiz's Twitpic)

As you can see from the photobooth pictures, I clearly had a blast with my friends at the Bloggers United bazaar!

Me, Vichka, Elisa, Anna, and Isa
My Friday afternoon was spent at the Bloggers United interactive bazaar/shopping event with my friends Anna, Isa, Vichka, and Elisa. We checked out the different stalls and while I didn't come home with anything (I was busy taking photos for something) I would actually wear, I did come home with my craving for mochi ice cream fully satisfied by Sophie's Mom's desserts!

I have a penchant for all things chewy and sweet (mentos, fruitella, tikoy, mochi, etc.) and when I saw David's tweet about mochi ice cream being sold for only P40 at the bazaar, I knew I couldn't miss the event! Being a big foodie, I made a beeline for their stall once I got to the event.

I really am a big fan of their Mochi Ice Cream!
And they didn't disappoint! For only P40 pesos, their mochi ice cream is true value for money! The mochi is sweet and chewy, just how I like it. My friends can attest to the fact that I had a HUGE smile on my face as I took each bite out of the chewy dessert. I sampled their Valrhona Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough mochi ice cream flavors, which were totally top notch (I hear the cookie dough ones were the bestsellers). After that, I also sampled their Oreo 'stookie' (yep, that's what it's called!), which is a really cool way to say "an oreo cookie stuffed inside a chewy chocolate chip cookie" and it was such a delight to try as well. I think I just found my newest favorite dessert!

I took this from their website, which you can visit here. Just reading about them made my mouth water! They should definitely expect a call from me very soon ;)

We’ve made mochi ice cream based on flavors that were requested by friends, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Mint, Valrhona Chocolate, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Banoffee and our special combinations of Frozen Brazo de Mercedes-Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, and Leche Flan-Vanilla ice cream. Our ice cream uses all natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives that’s why it’s just so much better!
Aside from mochi ice cream, we also make Nutella truffle mochi which seems to be a crowd favorite. Other yummy flavors include Chocolate Truffle mochi,Salted Butter Caramel truffle mochi. Our truffle mochi looks like the chocolate truffle confections, they’re rolled in cocoa powder. One bite into it the chewy mochi, and the chocolate filling oozes out. Now that’s indulgence!

Sophie and her sister! Such cuties.

me and Anna after the bazaar. HAPPY TUMMIES MAKE FOR HAPPY PEOPLE

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Easy Summer Hairstyles by Rosanna Aranaz

This article was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 7, 2011. Special thanks to Rosanna Aranaz for featuring my photos! Hair and makeup by Anjie Gogna, modeling by Kirsten Rice. Special thanks to Mark Tiu for assisting!

IN THE HUMID summer heat, frizzy and unruly hair can be your worst enemy. Here are some easy to wear hairstyles that will tame your tresses and keep you looking effortlessly fresh.

Loose bun
The slightly undone, loose bun is an effortless look that allows you to go straight to a sunset cocktail from a day at the park.
1. Add a little mousse to hair to battle the humidity.
2. Part hair in the middle and gather into a low ponytail.
3. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with a hair tie.
4. Let a few strands fall to give the whole look a more relaxed feel.
5. Wear a fabric headband or oversized earrings to accessorize.
Here are some handmade hair accessories from Bend&Snap to spruce up your summer hairstyle.
1. Fabric hair wraps
2. Chain headbands
3. Lace hair wraps
4. Beaded floral wrap around hair band
To purchase: Bend&Snap— 

this photo was published together with the May 7, 2011 article

Beach waves
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Girls with wavy to curly hair might as well take advantage of the weather by allowing it to enhance their hair’s natural texture. To achieve the whole tousled “fresh-from-the-beach” feel, here are some steps:
1. Apply volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair and blow it out with a wide paddle brush.
2. Wrap 3-inch section of hair around a curling iron. Make sure to avoid the roots.
3. Set your locks with some texturizing spray.
4. Accessorize with hippie hair bands.

this photo was published together with the May 7, 2011 article

DIY ‘beach hair’ spray:
1. Fill a spray bottle with 8 ounces of water.
2. Add two tablespoons of sea salt and shake mixture.
3. Mix in one teaspoon of hair gel and shake mixture again.
4. Spray onto wet or very damp hair and leave on. Don’t brush your locks; instead, use fingers to comb through hair.
5. To let the curls form, scrunch up hair with hands and let it air-dry. (Source:
Summer braids
Side braids, hairline braids, braids swept into a bun—
they’ve been a runway favorite of late. Braids are the best way to sweep your hair away from your face while still looking so chic!
1. Part your hair horizontally, then section off the front portion you will be using.
2. Divide the section into three, cross the right hand part over the middle section. Cross the left hand section over the middle section. Pull to tighten the braid.
3. Continue until the end of the strand and tie it with an elastic.
4. Pin the braid back behind your head and attach a hairpin to keep it secure.
5. Let your hair hang loose or sweep it up into a loose bun.
6. Weave in a scarf to your braid to add a bit of color.

this photo was published together with the May 7, 2011 article

High ponytail
Keep your hair away from your face with a high, bouncy ponytail.
1. Blow dry your hair upside down and flip your hair back before it’s completely dry.
2. Finish drying your hair by using a large round brush and rolling chunks of hair to create big loose waves.
3. Brush back and gather hair high into a ponytail. Tie back with a hair elastic or a pretty scarf.

this photo was published together with the May 7, 2011 article

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Now, for the real party...

We'd love it if you could drop by Heima's 3rd collection launch! 8PM on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at our Makati branch.

Click here for more details (and click ATTENDING) and here for the location map (so you don't get lost on your way 'home')!

Life is a Party

taken at Heima

Life updates, and then some (sans Boracay)

So the past month has been such a busy blur for me due to preparations at Heima, where I'm currently an intern (but this is my last week! Sadness...), photoshoots, and church meetings. Let me just warn you that this post will be full of my face. Haha!

This is what I've been up to lately, not including my recent Labor Day Weekend Boracay trip, which deserves a post of its own. Pardon the photo quality as all were taken with my webcam and camera phone.

Couldn't resist snapping this photo of me at work! Hihi. There really is no other place like Heima.

Two weeks ago, I sat down and got old magazines, wrapped a couple of shoeboxes, and organized my room. Right now, my room still is far from organized, but it really looks better now than what it used to look like before. See photo below!
Above: 1/2 of the final product (buntings). Below: The mess I made in my room. I cleaned it all up, don't worry! If you will notice, this is inspired by Heima's Life is a Party collection, launching at 8PM this May 14 at Heima, LRI Design Plaza, Makati. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

Pardon the profanity on my blog! I simply had to let go of the past and channel all my bitterness to this paper bag. Everything is safely stored in our bodega for future retrieval, if needed. I'm a pack rat like that ;)

I also had dinner with my best friend, Gelo, who left for Europe last week (and will be back in two weeks!) -- So happy for him. Last time we talked about traveling, he was telling me that Europe was at the top of his list. It's nice that he'll be able to scratch that off his bucket list now!

Taken before I went to Boracay. I was in a somber mood so I dressed in black. But when I got to the beach, my bad morning just disappeared. It was like it didn't happen. The beach has magic powers on my mood, you see!

My beloved siblings also celebrated their birthdays this April -- Claudine on April 29, and Jet on April 21.

I am absolutely in love with this photo frame, which I saw lying around the office. WANT

Another surprise this April -- these two cases of flavored beer from my buddy Lorenz (! I'm definitely not a heavy beer drinker but these two flavors are very mild and refreshing, I must say. I gave some bottles away to my friends and family and they loved it!

I also had the privilege of accompanying photographer Roy Macam to one of his shoots and couldn't resist snapping a photo of this. It's where he stores his camera, lenses, and other photography equipment. 

Meet my lovely co-interns at Heima: Thea, Janlyn, and CJ. They really make work easier with their sweet and friendly dispositions!

FINALLY visited Mercato over the weekend with... good friend Lars, whom I have not seen since ....January? We also saw Nicole, who was selling cupcakes with her mom. You guys should check out OC's Little Kitchen at Mercato when you have the chance.