Tuesday, 2 November 2010

photoshoot with Kryz Uy

Last October 29, I was at my favorite place to shoot, Rouge Studio, with my friend Mark Tiu. We all got together to take portraits of my friend, style blogger Kryz Uy, who wrote about the shoot here. Thank you, Kryz! I also had a film SLR (Olympus OM-2N) with me, but I still don't have the photos processed, so I'll save those photos for another post. This is my second time to shoot with Kryz and the first time to shoot with a film camera for studio shots. Here are just some of the photos from the shoot (from my trusty Canon 500d). I must say, Kryz registers really well on camera!
her shoes <3

Kryz checking out her makeup

pegs for the shoot (that we never really followed..whoops)

I told Kryz to twirl for one of the shots...she moved with such grace! Then it hit me. Silly me, I forgot she was a dancer!


  1. same studio we shot in! <3 hi patty :D


  2. Hello Madge! :)

    Take a look at the next post ;)