Wednesday, 10 November 2010

portraits: Rigs

So Rosanna asked me the other day if I could shoot some portraits and headshots for her friend, Rigs. I immediately agreed because I think I am sorely lacking in photos of guys in my current photography portfolio! I was a bit nervous at first because I have very little (negligible, actually) experience in male portraiture, but I'm glad I said yes. Even though we got rained out earlier, the photos we got were worth getting drizzled on.

Rigs took a while to warm up to the camera but even the 'candid' shots turned out great!
I learned one valuable lesson today -- always have a reflector handy in case of a [sudden] gloomy sky on the day of your shoot. I swear to God, having one to work with saved my photos. I'm really loving the silver side of the reflector that I have; using it makes the face and eyes glow with such a beautiful catchlight. Anyway, here are outtakes that we all liked. Isn't he photogenic?

And it's so awesome how Rosanna and Mikko did a great job on the styling. My dear friends Vichka and Kris were there to help out as well, and I loved how everything and everyone just gelled together and made this simple shoot an experience to remember -- well, at least for me, it was. I guess this won't be the last time I'll be taking portraits of guys.