Tuesday, 2 November 2010

snapshots: six flags magic mountain, may 2010

The X2, which I did NOT get to ride this time. Bummer.
I could feel my excitement build up as we neared the entrance gates

I never got to try this, either.

the tower near Tatsu

...which is, the scariest ride, ever

I wish theme parks were more popular in the Philippines

...you'd catch me there every weekend.

The sign for hamburgers. First thing I saw when we got to this area.

This is my kind of theme park. That said, I love CVS film. It's cheap, conveniently ASA 200, registers lovely colors, and did I mention it's cheap? Armed with three rolls, I went a bit shutter-happy in Six Flags with the Olympus OM-2N. Just the first part of a Six Flags picspam coming your way.


  1. Thank you Eric! Seeing it again and again on this blog makes me hungry though.