Pretty tutus, print on print combination, layering-studded tops—it’s high time to shine
We don’t have winter here in Manila, so for those who have daydreamed of donning that sophisticated trench coat, the chic scarf, the glam fur hat in the middle of a boring class lecture, the “ber” months is the closest you can get to a cool climate.

Now’s the perfect excuse to have fun with layering and to go out looking a little bit more festive. Here are some easy layering tips to help you update your style.

There’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Pick out your everyday staples, like your favorite cropped top or bondage skirt and combine them with dressier pieces. Layer on two of your favorite tops with pretty details, or leather accents on the sleeves or on the collar, to make the look perfect for the holidays.

Do you remember your tutu dress from last year’s Christmas party? While it could be a bit too dressy for everyday, make it look more casual by layering on a graphic print top. Want to go for a more relaxed look? Pair it with studded high-tops!

It’s time to bring out that faux leather jacket out of retirement. Why not update your look with lace jackets, oversized boyfriend blazers or cropped military coats? Layer over a maxi dress or even a simple pair of denim shorts, and wear it without looking out of place in Manila’s usual heat.

Layer on lightly by stocking up on wardrobe staples made of light materials—printed cotton scarves, jersey basics, sheer jackets, breezy dresses and oversized tops. Be more adventurous by mixing print on print. Ease into the idea by combining different patterned stripes together or prints of the same color palette.

Holidays also mean a vacation from school! Headed towards the beach? Who says you have to leave all your fancy clothes at home? Why not dress up your favorite bikini with a bejeweled sweater and printed cardigan?