Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Life updates, and then some (sans Boracay)

So the past month has been such a busy blur for me due to preparations at Heima, where I'm currently an intern (but this is my last week! Sadness...), photoshoots, and church meetings. Let me just warn you that this post will be full of my face. Haha!

This is what I've been up to lately, not including my recent Labor Day Weekend Boracay trip, which deserves a post of its own. Pardon the photo quality as all were taken with my webcam and camera phone.

Couldn't resist snapping this photo of me at work! Hihi. There really is no other place like Heima.

Two weeks ago, I sat down and got old magazines, wrapped a couple of shoeboxes, and organized my room. Right now, my room still is far from organized, but it really looks better now than what it used to look like before. See photo below!
Above: 1/2 of the final product (buntings). Below: The mess I made in my room. I cleaned it all up, don't worry! If you will notice, this is inspired by Heima's Life is a Party collection, launching at 8PM this May 14 at Heima, LRI Design Plaza, Makati. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

Pardon the profanity on my blog! I simply had to let go of the past and channel all my bitterness to this paper bag. Everything is safely stored in our bodega for future retrieval, if needed. I'm a pack rat like that ;)

I also had dinner with my best friend, Gelo, who left for Europe last week (and will be back in two weeks!) -- So happy for him. Last time we talked about traveling, he was telling me that Europe was at the top of his list. It's nice that he'll be able to scratch that off his bucket list now!

Taken before I went to Boracay. I was in a somber mood so I dressed in black. But when I got to the beach, my bad morning just disappeared. It was like it didn't happen. The beach has magic powers on my mood, you see!

My beloved siblings also celebrated their birthdays this April -- Claudine on April 29, and Jet on April 21.

I am absolutely in love with this photo frame, which I saw lying around the office. WANT

Another surprise this April -- these two cases of flavored beer from my buddy Lorenz (! I'm definitely not a heavy beer drinker but these two flavors are very mild and refreshing, I must say. I gave some bottles away to my friends and family and they loved it!

I also had the privilege of accompanying photographer Roy Macam to one of his shoots and couldn't resist snapping a photo of this. It's where he stores his camera, lenses, and other photography equipment. 

Meet my lovely co-interns at Heima: Thea, Janlyn, and CJ. They really make work easier with their sweet and friendly dispositions!

FINALLY visited Mercato over the weekend with... good friend Lars, whom I have not seen since ....January? We also saw Nicole, who was selling cupcakes with her mom. You guys should check out OC's Little Kitchen at Mercato when you have the chance.

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