Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sophie's Mom and Bloggers United

Me and my photographer/stylist friends! I love them all!! (photo from Nikki Ruiz's Twitpic)

As you can see from the photobooth pictures, I clearly had a blast with my friends at the Bloggers United bazaar!

Me, Vichka, Elisa, Anna, and Isa
My Friday afternoon was spent at the Bloggers United interactive bazaar/shopping event with my friends Anna, Isa, Vichka, and Elisa. We checked out the different stalls and while I didn't come home with anything (I was busy taking photos for something) I would actually wear, I did come home with my craving for mochi ice cream fully satisfied by Sophie's Mom's desserts!

I have a penchant for all things chewy and sweet (mentos, fruitella, tikoy, mochi, etc.) and when I saw David's tweet about mochi ice cream being sold for only P40 at the bazaar, I knew I couldn't miss the event! Being a big foodie, I made a beeline for their stall once I got to the event.

I really am a big fan of their Mochi Ice Cream!
And they didn't disappoint! For only P40 pesos, their mochi ice cream is true value for money! The mochi is sweet and chewy, just how I like it. My friends can attest to the fact that I had a HUGE smile on my face as I took each bite out of the chewy dessert. I sampled their Valrhona Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough mochi ice cream flavors, which were totally top notch (I hear the cookie dough ones were the bestsellers). After that, I also sampled their Oreo 'stookie' (yep, that's what it's called!), which is a really cool way to say "an oreo cookie stuffed inside a chewy chocolate chip cookie" and it was such a delight to try as well. I think I just found my newest favorite dessert!

I took this from their website, which you can visit here. Just reading about them made my mouth water! They should definitely expect a call from me very soon ;)

We’ve made mochi ice cream based on flavors that were requested by friends, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Mint, Valrhona Chocolate, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Banoffee and our special combinations of Frozen Brazo de Mercedes-Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, and Leche Flan-Vanilla ice cream. Our ice cream uses all natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives that’s why it’s just so much better!
Aside from mochi ice cream, we also make Nutella truffle mochi which seems to be a crowd favorite. Other yummy flavors include Chocolate Truffle mochi,Salted Butter Caramel truffle mochi. Our truffle mochi looks like the chocolate truffle confections, they’re rolled in cocoa powder. One bite into it the chewy mochi, and the chocolate filling oozes out. Now that’s indulgence!

Sophie and her sister! Such cuties.

me and Anna after the bazaar. HAPPY TUMMIES MAKE FOR HAPPY PEOPLE


  1. omg..too bad i didn't see you and get to meet you!:(

  2. Hi! Where can I buy the P40 Mochi?