Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions Made Simple

Last year, I had a loooooooong and elaborate list in my planner. I had a grand plan for each one. I didn't really get to do all of them (my trip to Australia didn't push through). Not that I'm scared of failure, but this year I'd like to keep it short and simple and focus all my energy on making it happen. So for 2011, I shall:

  1. study harder (perhaps I should clock in at least an hour of studying at the lib after classes)
  2. train and travel more often (I just have to make time for sports and recreation to keep me sane in med school. Judo, football, photography, traveling...2011 will be awesome)
  3. eat healthier (now this one is a non-negotiable, especially since I need to reach a certain weight for my heart health…heart disease runs in the family :S)
  4. sleep earlier (minimize all-nighters)
  5. read more books
I originally had only 4 resolutions for the next year (numbers 1 to 4), but I added number 5 for good measure. I was staring at the pile of books near my bed and realized that in 2010, I started to read so many great novels but only finished a couple! Nakakahiya! 

And now that these are fairly simple, I don’t see any reason for me not to be able to do this in 2011. Hoooo boy here we go! Last day of 2010!

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