Wednesday, 19 January 2011

December 2010 - January 2011

I shall start this post with my January highlight: a photoshoot with Anton Del Rosario of the Azkals. I also had a shoot with Nokia N8's "Pier Roxas", pictures to follow shortly :)
at 121 with Gelo, Dara, and his family
PALARONG MED! I missed football soooo much

fun times with friends at Michiko's party (Attica)


with Mr. Judo himself, Jhonel Faelnar

at Michiko's party with Angelo

catching up with Carla <3

pretending to evaluate the Biochem projects for free food
Vichka, Mariel, me, JV, and Alvin at Ponti for my birthday
Section B loving
with my Judo folks
me and my brilliant med friends supporting Cara at the Lantern Queen pageant
favorite photo from my birthday night!

with Anzo, who thought he was dreaming when we were at Ziggurat



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