Wednesday, 19 January 2011

meeting Anton del Rosario and Drew aka "Pier Roxas"

In relation to my previous photo entry... on the day before my birthday (Jan. 15, 2011), I had a photoshoot with two male TV/sports personalities! Meet Anton del Rosario of the Philippine National Football Team (aka The Azkals) and Drew Rivera, the male model who played Pier Roxas in Nokia's N8 advertisements. They're incredibly funny and down-to-earth -- no wonder girls always go gaga over these two! I'll be posting the actual photos soon, once I get the go signal from the big boss.

Special thanks to Chere and Joanne of W Talent Agency and Gelo Clavano (my best bud) for helping me out with the lighting! This is just an outtake though, in between background and lighting setup changes.

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