Sunday, 17 April 2011

Heima Is Where The Heart Is

The last few days have been quite a refreshing change of pace, especially that over the past few days I was struggling with a very big decision about my future in medicine, photography, and everything else.

Now that I was able to talk to my parents about my horrendous experience in my first year of studying medicine, I've decided to take a year off (it was actually their suggestion, which took me by surprise). Instead of going around UERM to get my transfer credentials, I'll be going around to get my final clearances signed instead. I figured that if I really wanted this for myself, then even after a year, I'll be taking baby steps towards getting back into med school anyway.

Now that's already out in the open, I really plan to make the most of April and May by traveling with my family and friends. And just recently, I was accepted for an internship position with home and lifestyle store Heima, and it has been such a fun experience!

A little background about Heima, taken from their website:

There is no place like Heima.
Dorothy Gale would agree.
Home to a wide but carefully handpicked selection of furniture, accessories, wall art and lifestyle items, Heima is treading a path all its own. We choose to remain tucked in art communities instead of malls – just fitting since collaborations with local artists are one of our strengths.
That’s only scratching the surface. Although scratching surfaces may be the last thing you would want to do at Heima.
Because if it isn’t pretty, it isn’t in Heima. While we regard function and design as equals, Heima only makes room for the functional and beautiful. Whether upcycled or in-house designed, custom-made or imported, Heima furniture are guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes.
The same can be said of the smaller treats in our collection. Some even go so far as to please the other senses.
So much so, in fact, that people have expressed intentions to live in our store. It must be the dessert-scented candles. That, or the hip muzak.
On second thought, it must be more than that. We suspect it has to do with the designers being around, making themselves available for a little heart-to-heart.
Heima is where the heart is.

Last night, we had an event ("Life Is A Party") to celebrate the launch of Roomix, which are "extended versions" of everyday things such as suitcases turned into comfy couches, pipes turned into lamps, etc. We also celebrated the preview of our third collection last night. I can't wait for the grand launch on May 14 at Heima Makati. I'll be posting more about that near the event.

Here are photos from last night, which I grabbed from Ms. MJ, Elisa Aquino, and Lambert Pangilinan:

I love this! I suppose this is their design motto as well? Genius! 
I also got the chance to meet incredibly talented fashion photographer Roy Macam a few days ago, whom I invited to join us at the event! It was awesome to see Heima Cubao transform into a little hub of artists, musicians, photographers, bloggers, designers, editors, and basically everyone who loved their quirky home decor!

Roy and I by the Heima Bike

Guestbook girl! Me and my best buddy Gelo :)

Photography + Design duo Garovs and Ryan of Everywhere We Shoot. FANGIRL MODE ON

our lovely window display

Sir Bong Rojales and Ms. Rossy Yabut, owners of Heima


My co-intern Mary and her friend Pancho

the beautiful An Estrada, 1/2 of photography duo Your Evil Twin

Life is a Party :) Can you spot me, Mary, and Roy?

My co-interns at Heima Makati: CJ, Mary, and Rod

Heima Interns

"Paper Club is not just all about paper.  Beyond an exploration of paper products and crafts, it is about the independent spirit of design. It is our love for tradition, old fashioned DIY and handmade items. From simple notecards and art prints to more challenging crafts and collectibles we present whimsical and eclectic works from our Design Factory… and from Friends of Heima. We also gather a few things from our travels and hidden corners of the Internet to serve as inspiration.  Most of the time though, Paper Club products are designed and “made with love” in the Philippines."

Roomix life at My Apartment, the second floor of Heima Cubao X

Free pins!

Heima is where the heart is <3

our still-unnamed plushie

Ryan of EWWS, Sir Bong, Ms. Rossy, Ms. MJ, and Ms. Dy of Heima :)

my role for the night: ROOM SPRAYER <3
You all should get a bottle of olive room spray (for only P300!) from Heima. It really smells so good and it calms you after a tiring day. If you want to take a whiff of it before buying, we spray it all the time at Heima Store Makati and Cubao :) Roy bought two! Also, something awesome happened that night! A man was just passing by the store and caught a whiff of the olive scent wafting in the air. He literally went in and asked us "What's that smell? Is that a room spray?" Boom! Another bottle sold! ;)

with the owners of Roomix
We will be having another event on the 14th of May -- our grand launch of the 3rd Heima collection and Paper Club, our line of paper products! Stay tuned to find out more about it!

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